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    Here is another great opportunity for the right person to make a few extra bucks.

    Ernie Aiken of Fort Worth Texas is a guy with a much-improved joint useful in the construction of Geodesic Domes.  Ernie is probably one of the top 3 people in the whole world when it comes to knowledge of the Geodesic Dome.

    Through the use of his improved construction joint, it is now possible to construct Geodesic Domes of new configuration.  Essentially, prior-art joints were limited in the number of struts which could be accomodated by the joint.   With Ernie's invention, it is possible to have as many as 10 struts intersect at a single joint.  Such possibility opens the door to the number and type of domes which can be formed.


dome1.jpg (147805 bytes)

This is Ernie's famous STAR DOME (TM).  See the star in the construction ?   Nobody else in the world has these except Ernie, and his pending patent application covers these functional designs.  You may want to get a license from him now on these, to get in on the ground floor.  Here's another shot:

dome2.jpg (23516 bytes)


    The joint used in making these itself is simplistic, yet highly functional in design.  Its status is PATENT PENDING.  The patent application was handled by Western Patent Group.   The joint consists, in but one form of this invention,  of  a tubular piece of PVC   pipe or like material which as heyhole-shaped  holes disposed radially about the tube.  The struts may be, for example, 2 X 4 lumber, having a bolt screwed into its end.  To assemble the joint, one merely inserts the protruding bolt of the 2 X 4   through the keyhole and slides the bolt into its nestled postion.  Then the bolt is tightened to complete the link. 

    Through use of such a system, Geodesic Domes may be fully constructed in a couple of hours.  The best part is that the joints are relatively inexpensive to manufacture, and the savings is passed on to the end-user.  The retail price is about half of that of most other systems, and no sacrifice of strength is involved.  In fact, these joints are stronger than most of the prior art joints because of special bevels employed on the 2 X 4 lumber. 

To inquire about how you can construct a Dome of your own, you should contact the inventor, Ernie Aiken, by clicking on his name in this sentence, or emailing to   Ernie is very friendly and is looking to provide you with the materials and necessary help for constructing your own geodesic dome.  I have found these domes to be great for gardens in which one wants to keep the deer from eating your plants.   For a wealth of information on these domes, please go to Ernie's Dome Home Page(TM) website located at:

To contact Ernie by phone, call  1 (888) 945-3311.  To send him a fax, (817) 921-6795.

Ernie is looking for distributors of his domes, and will provide potential distributors with all the information necessary to set you up in your area.  This is a great opportunity for the right person
to make some serious cash by providing Geodesic Domes to homeowners and the like who are in need of the benefits they provide in outdoor structures.  These structures are of the strongest known.

Call Ernie !

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