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High Quality, Patent Commemorative Plaques
at the best prices, and backed by a money-back guarantee !!!

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Laser-Made, for high quality detail.

   Right after an inventor receives their patent, they also usually receive a mailbox full of offers trying to sell them a commemorative plaque featuring the patent.  The plaques are nice, but the cost is usually gougingly high from these conventional advertisers.  They typically want about $125.00 for a quality product. 

    After much sleuthing and sweat, I think I can say that we are now the low cost source of high-quality Commemorative Plaques for Patents.  Plus, you can't lose when buying from us, because all of our plaques come with a full money-back guarantee. 

    We are better than the rest, because we do custom alterations at no added cost.  You are the boss, and it is our goal to make you absolutely 100 % satisfied !!!!  Add your company logo, firm name, or even delete other inventors' names from the plaque - no problem !

    If for any reason after receiving your plaque(s) you are not completely satisfied, just return it to us and we shall cheerfully refund your money - no questions asked.  Your cost for a single plaque is only $ 83.50 + 6.00 shipping.  If you are interested in ordering several plaques, see our price break schedule below to further control your costs.  We have saved scores of companies thousands of dollars on their multiple plaque orders.

    The nine choices we offer are shown below.  Please click on any of the images for a more detailed view.  As you can see, the detail from the laser is very sharp and precise !   OVERALL  SIZE = 9" x 12"

  Click on any of the images for a detailed view.

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            smsilvwal.jpg (67651 bytes)                smbluwal.jpg (68379 bytes)

    Gold on Walnut                             Silver on Walnut                          Blue Marble on Walnut

smgoldoak.jpg (67430 bytes)             smsilvoak.jpg (67225 bytes)             smbluoak.jpg (68566 bytes)

        Gold on Oak                              Silver on Oak                              Blue Marble on oak

smgoldcher.jpg (65567 bytes)              smsilvcher.jpg (67943 bytes)             smblucherry.jpg (68382 bytes)

    Gold on Cherry                              Silver on Cherry                      Blue Marble on Cherry

These are majestically handsome, and are of high enough quality to hang in the White House, a Professional Office, conference room, or your den or living room.   Oak, Cherry, or Walnut wood, are all the same low price.

                   spinningvisa.gif (8064 bytes)        Ordering is Easy !             spinningvisa.gif (8064 bytes)

To receive your patent plaque(s) or certificate(s), all you need to do is call us at the toll-free number below with your credit card handy, and the number(s) of your  patent(s).   We'll have your plaque(s) shipped to you in about 12 days or less.

To order, call our toll-free number 1 - (888) 301-6774

(The non toll-free number is (512) 763-1142)

If you would like to order by mail, just send us:                                

1) payment in the appropriate amount ($ 89.50 for single plaque, $ 44.95 for framed certificate, or $ 19.95 for unframed parchment certificate: otherwise see price-break schedule below) we accept personal checks, money orders, Master Card or Visa;
2) your patent number;
3) which style and wood you would like; and
4) the address to which you would like the plaque / certificate shipped

Our Mailing Address is:    Western Patent Group
                                         6020 Tonkowa Trail
                                         Georgetown, Texas  78628

If there are multiple drawings in your patent, you should specify which one you would like printed on the bottom portion, as in the first example above.

You may also order by email.  This is quickest and most preferred.  Just send the above information to the email address below by clicking on it:  

We shall email you back with a prompt confirmation that the order has been received.  If you are queezy about giving your credit card info out over the internet, just provide all the info except your credit card number, but include your phone number and we'll call you to get it.

If you are looking for more than a couple of plaques, we can save you even more money on a volume purchase.  However, our discounts are smaller than some because our prices are already rock-bottom, nevertheless, every little bit helps, and we do what we can for you while still paying our electric bill.  On multiple plaque orders, shipping costs will be reduced because of consolidation. 

Price breaks for volume purchases are as follows, effective immediately:


Plaques Ordered Percent Discount
6 - 12 5 %
13 - 19 7 %
More than 20 Call us for quote

At these prices, our clients have saved substantially.  As an inventor myself, I understand commemorating these achievements, and am happy to be able to provide you a high quality product while saving you a few bucks.

Thanks for visiting. 


Jeannie Whewell


TOLL-FREE (888) 301-6774

* We reserve the right to revoke any of the above offers above at any time, with or without cause. 
(Except for the money-back gurantee, which is always in force)

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