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    James Santopolo of New York has developed a new backrest for chairs used by musicians including drummers and the like.   It is described in US Patent number D #399,081 which was issued on October 6, 1998.   The backrest provides for additional support and comfort over what was previously known in this field of art.  Below are photos which describe the invention.  Please do not forget to scroll from left to right on your browser, in addition to up and down:

Santo1.jpg (118688 bytes)

The first picture is of the backrest in its fully assembled position, showing the increased degree of lower back support in the Lumbar region.  This makes playing out a lot more comfortable as the evening wears on. 

The second picture shows the simplistic design of the device and the hardware requred.


Santo2.jpg (98449 bytes)

The third picture, above, shows the backrest in use.  From this photo, it is clear that this backrest provides much more support than previously available musician backrests.  The final photograph shows yet another perspective view of the device of this invention.

Mr. Santopolo is highly desirous of sharing the benefits of his invention with other musicians and would like to sell the backrests.  Interested parties should contact him by writing to him at his address:

                                                    Mr. James Santopolo
                                                    89-43    91st Street
                                                    Woodhaven, New York  11421

or by calling him at ( 718) 850-8989.  The best time to call is after 1:00 p.m., Eastern Time.

To contact Mr. Santopolo by email, click here:

Mr. Santopolo believes the units should retail easily for between about $ 55-75.  If you are a musician in need of a better backrest with more support, then this amount is negligible, compared to the value of your back muscles.  If you are a retailer, you would do well to order a half dozen of these to help your clients.  If you are a major musical supply manufacturer or distributor, this would be an easy item to add to your current line, even on a limited time trial basis, since all musicians can benefit from this invention.  This is a great invention because the seller will be helping people out while making a few bucks.  Give Mr. Santopolo a call today for more details.  You have nothing to lose, except your backache.

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